About NACS

About NACS

The Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology (NACS) was founded in October 1978 in Rome, Italy, by distinguished delegates from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The association expanded in 1986 with the inclusion of Iceland and further in 1998 when Finland became a member. NACS held its inaugural conference in 1979 in Linköping, Sweden, marking the beginning of its active engagement in the Nordic sexological landscape. Soon after, Estonia joined.

In 1999, NACS formally adopted its statutes, laying down a framework to guide its operations and initiatives. The organization's primary objectives are to promote sexual health, enhance professional skills, and facilitate robust networking opportunities among sexologists within the Nordic countries.

The governance structure of NACS includes a President and board members of each country's association, collectively forming an influential board that oversees the association's strategic direction. A significant milestone was achieved during the 2000 Annual General Meeting in Helsinki, Finland, where NACS approved the first authorisation procedure for professional sexologists, establishing a standardized credentialing system to uphold high professional standards in the field.

This framework not only strengthens the profession but also enhances the collaborative efforts across the countries, ensuring a high caliber of practice and research in the discipline of sexology.

NACS board

 Tonny Bønløkke Hertz
President of NACS

President of DACS 


Hanna Byström
President of SFS

Annika Tamme 
EASS board member

Indíana Rós Ægisdóttir
President of Kynís

Petter Winther-Brose 
President of NFKS

Satu Söderström
FIAS board member