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NACS - Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology
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Confirmed by the Annual General Meeting, September 17, 1999, in Grimstad, Norway
English version confirmed by the Annual General Meeting in Visby, Sweden, September 14, 2001.
Chapters 2, 3, 5 changed and former chapter 9 deleted by the Extraordinary General Meeting in Tallinn, Estonia October 16, 2010

§ 1. The name of the Association is the Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology - NACS (Nordisk Forening for Klinisk Sexologi, NFKS).

§ 2. The aim of the Association is to promote scientific exchange and practical collaboration in sexology between Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and to create and promote sexological knowledge and information.

§ 3. The Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology is a co-operation organisation between the Danish Association for Clinical Sexology, the Estonian Academic Society of Sexology, the Finnish Association for Sexology, the Icelandic Association for Sexology, the Norwegian Society for Clinical Sexology and the Swedish Association for Sexology. These membership organisations are legally and economically independent in their relationships to the Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology. Other organisations with similar aims may become members after applying to the Board of NACS. Decision will be made by the Annual General Meeting of NACS.

§ 4. The Association organises a meeting at least once a year, one of the meetings is the Annual General Meeting. Time and place of the next Annual General Meeting will be decided by the participants of the Annual General Meeting. The place of the Meeting can alternate between the participating countries.

§ 5. The General Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the Association. The ordinary General Assembly will be held before the end of October. Invitation and agenda for the General Assembly must be sent to national associations no later than a month before the General Assembly will be arranged. An Extraordinary General Assembly will be arranged if the Board so decides or if requested by any of the participating national organisations.

§ 6. At the Annual General Meeting each attending member of the membership organisation in the concerned countries has one vote.

§ 7. Tasks ocurring between the Annual General Meetings will be handled by the Board of NACS which consists of the Presidents of the national organisations (or his/her substitute). The practical and economical responsibility of organising and carrying out the Annual General Meeting lies upon the national organiser.

§ 8. The Annual General Meeting elects one of the Presidents of the membership organisations to be the President of NACS for a time period of two years.

§ 9. At the Annual General Meeting each country´s national organisation will present a report of its activities.

§ 10. Amendment of these Statutes will require a three quarters majority of the votes cast at the Annual General Meeting. Proposals for amendment must be sent to the members of the membership organisations at least one month before the Annual General Meeting. Proposals for amendments in the Statutes may be also made at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting but they can not be confirmed at the same Meeting.

§ 11. Dissolution of the Association requires a majority vote made by two successive General Meetings of which one has to be the ordinary Annual General Meeting.